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Raw and brutally honest delivery… has been used to describe Noah Gabriel’s original music. A mainstay in Chicago’s suburban music scene since 2004, Noah is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Aurora, Illinois. Drawing from the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Lucinda Williams, Chris Whitley, and BB King, to name a few, Noah’s music rests uniquely on blues/rock with nuances for R&B/soul, folk, and alternative country.

By age twenty, Noah had his first record deal, releasing In Aurora on Batavia based Hidden Track Records – a label one of his mentors, Dana French of Deluxury, was under, and run by good friend Dennis Kintop. On this album, released in January 2005, Noah met his band, and recorded a duo with local legend Greg Boerner called “Tonight.” The album received great reviews and airplay on local radio.

The year 2007 was a significant milestone in Noah’s career. He left Hidden Track to put out his second album, independently, with the help of his band, including Gary Belniak (Tyrant), Michael Addyman, Tim Polite (The Byrds, Acoustcity), Bobby Scumacci (High Infidelity, Dave Mason), and their sound engineer Craig Whitaker. Noah’s second album, Truth, Love, Faith and Soul was released. It obtained airplay in Chicago (97.9 The Loop) and overseas. While working on the CD/DVD compilation “Acoustic Chicago” that year, Noah was also privileged to record and work with Ernie Adams, drummer for jazz legend Al DiMeola and Howard Levy, founding member of Bella Fleck and the Flecktones.

Noah’s most raw and diverse album to date, Crooked, was released in 2009. Noah wrote, recorded, and took on the title of producer for this album. Off the Record was thereafter released in April 2010 and is a compilation of acoustic recordings originally demo-ed for previous albums; just Noah and his guitar.

Noah’s was honored this past March 2011 to be a part of a collaboration of 30 local musicians on a vinyl album, Made in Aurora, the brainchild of Kiss the Sky owner Steven Warrenfeltz. The album marked the beginning of Steve’s new label Waterloo Sunset Records, in conjunction with the production and mastering genius of Backthird Audio.

His newest endeavors include a solo vinyl album, Mercy Street, to be released in late August 2011 on Waterloo Sunset Records, under the audio production of good friend Mike Bowen, and mastering by Aurora’s Backthird Audio.

The band released the long awaited album Ghosts of Tomorrow in January 2012.

In 2013, Noah returned from a stint in Austin, Texas and released seventh album, his solo Austin Bound. He wasted no time in collaborating with a new power trio – Noah’s Arcade – Chad Watson on bass, and Justin O’Connell on drums. In April 2013, they dove into the studio for an intense three days to record their first album together as a band and Noah’s eighth album, all documented by filmmaker Rob Hale – to be released this summer.

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Unsung Melody Reviews Noah’s Arcade opening for Robert Randolph & The Family Band at the Park West, Chicago

“The night started off with a band from the Chicago suburbs, Noah’s Arcade. You never know what you’ll get with an opening band and I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. Based on crowd reaction song after song, I wasn’t the only one. Singer/guitarist Noah Gabriel’s vocals and experienced guitar playing had the full attention of this Chicago crowd well before their set was even halfway over. Their set started with On the Run that had guitar heavy riffs and a beat that made you want to move your body. Add to that Noah’s deep sounding vocals and you had the perfect opening song for their set. During East of Midnight, the lyrics were emotionally expressed on Noah’s face. Add in backing vocals from bassist Chad Watson not to mention Noah’s tasty guitar solo and again, they had another hit with the crowd.

Noah’s Arcade photo gallery

While Noah appeared to be the master of guitar licks, he even played guitar behind his head for part of a song, he was also a very good story teller if you paid attention to the lyrics. The band played some slower tracks like Electric Rain that, if you let it, enveloped you into the vibe and sound of a peaceful afternoon. Their hour long set ended with When Im Gone, which started off with drummer Justin O’Connell before heading straight into that beautiful distorted guitar sound and Noah’s mesmerizing vocals.” – Teresa Burke, writing for Unsung Melody.

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